Guide Windows Azure and ASP.NET MVC Migration

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It is not supported for ASP. NET Core projects. See Supported Project Templates. Note that this command does not appear if you already have a web role project in the solution. Visual Studio creates a cloud service project in the solution that contains the required web role. The name of this project is the same as your application project with plus the suffix.

This property adds these assemblies to the service package that is used for deployment. Important] If you have other assemblies or files that are required for this web application, you must manually set the properties for these files. For information about how to set these properties, see Include Files in the Service Package.

Any warnings or errors that occur indicate issues to fix before deploying to Azure, such as missing assemblies. If you build your application, run it locally using the compute emulator, or publish it to Azure, you might see the error: "The specified path, file name, or both are too long.

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To correct the issue, move your solution to a different folder with a shorter path. If you have a connection string for your web application that uses an on-premises SQL Server database, you must migrate your database to Azure SQL Database instead and update your connection string. For guidance with this process, refer to the following topics:.

Create the necessary cloud service and storage accounts in your Azure subscription as described on Prepare to publish or deploy an Azure application from Visual Studio.

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  4. In , IIS6 and Windows Server will no longer be supported which necessitates the migration of websites currently hosted on this technology to newer technologies. This book describes the migration process from an ASP. NET 2. It should be popular among developers In , IIS6 and Windows Server will no longer be supported which necessitates the migration of websites currently hosted on this technology to newer technologies.

    It should be popular among developers and organizations who want to real an example of how to perform this migration, plus some additional benefits provided by new ASP. NET, etc It discusses design and development concepts such as using TFS for source control and deployment and TDD for testing and validation.

    Chapter 2 includes steps performed to migrate the website to the new technologies.

    Windows Azure and ASP.NET MVC Migration

    NET website. Section II - Enhancing - Chapter 3 discusses different aspects of performance and scalability like pipeline optimization, process model configuration, caching, minification and bundling. The reader will get instructions for tools and methods to collect and analyze performance data.

    In Chapter 4 the steps to implement minification, bundling are provided and discussed in detail. Section III - Deployment - Chapter 5 discusses deployment options and website architecture prior to the existence of the Windows Azure. Then the reader is taken into a brief overview of the Windows Azure Cloud Service and the benefits it has over legacy configurations. An overview of the Windows Azure deployment features is provided, followed by publishing and deployment options. Chapter 6 provides steps for getting access to Windows Azure, creating the components necessary to host and successfully run the test website and the steps required to actually deploy the solution.

    A number of built in and 3rd party tools are discussed and implemented.

    Migration tools

    Get A Copy. After the migration is done, to check that everything works correctly we change the connection string in our web project to point to the SQL Azure database. We start up the project and either run some database unit tests or manually go over some basic scenarios.

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    Due to the fact that we have Entity Framework, everything should work as expected, no other change being required. That"s about it regarding the database migration. If you encounter problems during your migration or have questions you can contact me directly at dragos at txtfeedback.

    Tutorial: Use EF Migrations in an MVC app and deploy to Azure | Microsoft Docs

    Issue A brief review of the previous article part 1 : We were given a "classic" web architecture: an ASP. The database migration The database was accessed through Entity Framework - this made our job considerably easier as one of the roles of an ORM is transparency regarding the chosen database. If you are dealing with an enterprise database then you have to go over the whole article, otherwise it is enough if you know that the following are not supported by Windows Azure: Cross database stored procedures - if you are dealing with such a scenario then you will have to move the join logic to a superior architectural level e.

    App Migration to Azure: Your options explained