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A word used by fuzzy thinkers to defend nonsensical statements. Riley : "Barack Obama is Irish! Does he have an Irish passport? Obama is Irish! When your male partner gets all romantic with his semen. It's so semantic when my boyfriend gives me a pearl necklace.

If it walks like a fish and it barks like a fish, then it's a fish. Amanda Mercedes C : You're such a fucking narcissist.

Dan: That's only semantics , miss lady. You should just call me a bastard.


Integrated Semantics Service Platform for the Internet of Things: A Case Study of a Smart Office

Amanda: Piglet. The Ants Nip Nops At Semantic Arts, Steve takes on a dual role of expanding the sales footprint while overseeing staffing responsibilities with the team of Ontology management consultant experts. He serves as the primary communication point for customer engagement, resource coordination, proposal generation, account care, and delivery escalation. His strength is in collaborating with business leaders to understand the business problems and desired outcomes, while identifying and bringing the right talent mixture to successfully find solutions. This includes accountability for meeting client expectations, maximizing customer satisfaction, and securing on-going, trustworthy working relationships.

She earned her B.

1. Introduction

In her free time, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and dog, Moose. Before joining the team, Melissa spent the previous 10 years writing creatively for local periodicals and technically with a creative twist for corporate entities.

For Semantic Arts, Melissa dedicates her skills to keeping projects on track and on budget, fine tuning our communications, and maintaining general order and conformity within the ranks. Grant is a software developer experienced in building for the web with a focus on front-end development. He's working to leverage the power of semantics to engineer maintainable, user-friendly applications within a data-centric architecture.

Steve is an ontology consultant with 15 years of ontology development experience. He holds a Ph. Steve has produced semantic solutions in healthcare, material science, finance, oil and gas, and aerospace and defense.

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He has developed customizable natural language generation templates, methods for structuring multiple queries in extended inquiries, and a general semantics for gradable adjectives that enabled an automated reasoner to prove that 50 mph is slow for the highway but fast for a school zone, and 5 ft is tall for an eight-year-old but short for an adult. Meika Ungricht has been working with data and information for over fifteen years. After studying music and linguistics as an undergraduate at University of Oklahoma in Norman, she furthered her studies in library and information science at Indiana University, Bloomington, with an emphasis on metadata and information retrieval.

She has over ten years of experience working at the enterprise level on semantic development projects, ranging from the development of governance over multiple communities of interest to overseeing the implementation of a semantic architecture within a legacy relational database environment. Her strongest skills are in knowledge elicitation and ontology modeling, but her experience in governance and implementation make her a great asset for exploratory projects.

Michael Uschold is an internationally recognized expert with over two decades experience in developing and transitioning semantic technology from academia to industry. He received his Ph. EN PL.

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Digital Solutions Agency. In the service of science. With its ability to categorise and systemise data, Semantic web will revolutionise the field of computational chemistry. The majority of this kind of scientific data is presently scattered across the websites of scientific publishers, often with extremely limited access, if accessible at all.

This means that the data, absent from the web search engines and often only available for a significant amount of money, remains inaccessible to the global scientific community.