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The baby was rushed to Natchitoches Regional Medical Center with second- and third-degree burns over approximately 90 percent of his body. He later was transferred to Louisiana State University Hospital in Shreveport but died around a. July It was issued "to prohibit any such dissemination of information as law enforcement has made a number of statements in the recent past," it reads. More: Natchitoches baby who died after kidnapping to be buried Friday.

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More: No court dates yet for women accused in Natchitoches baby's death. Two other orders were issued by Dyess on July The other order denied bond on the first-degree murder charge and ordered Smith to have no contact with either of Levi's parents of their families. A written note in that order, detailing reasons why bond was denied, states that Smith reportedly confessed. Barker also has been arrested in the case, charged with being a principal to first-degree murder.

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The grand jury returned a pretermitted bill in her case, which means it requested more information to consider even as the investigation continues. Both women remain in jail. Levi Cole Ellerbe. But this one grew, and grew, consuming the parched forest, flirting with the edges of neighborhoods, jumping streams and drainages.

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From our house, we watched the plume of purple-gray smoke turn into a looming mushroom cloud and then an all-consuming haze. Each night around 10 p. We slept less and less. By morning, it smelled like someone had lit a campfire in the living room.

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Josephine, meanwhile, became increasingly fussy and difficult to console. As a first-time mother, I had no idea how much crying was normal, how much was due to the heat, and how much could be attributed to the smoke. So I did some research, and started to get worried. And because babies breathe more air per pound of body weight than adults, they may experience more severe coughing, sore throats and respiratory distress.

It was time to leave. We made our decision on a Tuesday. A box of diapers shoved next to a beloved teapot.

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Gas in the tank: check. A quick oil change: check. And then we were on our way, skirting national forests that were closed because they were so dry, passing landmarks some 85 miles from the fire that were obscured by smoke. This is now. Still, Jesse and I are fortunate.

go We rolled down the windows. In her carseat, her face tilted toward the cool breeze, Josephine slept peacefully.

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Krista Langlois is a correspondent with High Country News. She writes from Durango, Colorado. Follow cestmoiLanglois.

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Our daughter, Josephine, was born in April. Two months later, the fire started. Republish Like Tweet Email Print.

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Comments 3. Leaked audio from a recent agency meeting is filled with fumbles by leadership, disapproving rumbles and derisive laughter from staff. Vacation rentals have gutted the culture of nearby communities, but a new project in Questa flips the narrative. Strong candidates will have experience meeting the needs of customers High Country News Seeks an Executive Director to advance its mission, grow its audience and influence, and strategically and sustainably guide the organization through a