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CIL Programming: Under the Hood of .NET - Jason Bock - Google книги

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Format Hardcover. Condition Brand New. Description Bock covers the essentials of programming the CIL. First, Bock discusses the basics of what.

CIL Programming: Under the Hood of .NET

NET assemblies are and how manifests fit into the picture. He then shows how to create assemblies in. Understanding how CIL works will provide you with a deep, language-independent insight into the core parts of.

This knowledge is essential for creating dynamic types, a powerful part of the. NET Framework. First, Bock discusses the basics of.

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NET assemblies and manifests. Persisting the Results. Debugging Dynamic Assemblies. Object Instructions. Controlling Code Flow.

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  5. Opcode Miscellanea I Implementing the Test Harness. Verifying Assemblies. Dynamic Proxies in NET. Implementing Proxy Creation.

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